This website is for a medical research study of an investigational medication for adults with fibromyalgia.

This website is for a medical research study of an investigational medication for adults with symptoms of fibromyalgia.

We are currently seeking adults with symptoms of fibromyalgia to participate in this research study.

If you think you might be interested in participating in a research study, please review our website to learn more.

Not everyone with symptoms of fibromyalgia who is interested in participating will qualify to participate in this study. So, to see if you might pre-qualify for this medical research study, please complete our pre-screening questionnaire below.

Passing the pre-qualifying questionnaire means only that you might be qualified to participate, but does not mean that you are fully qualified to participate. Only the staff at the study center can make that determination.

Participating cities:
  • Alabama
    •  Birmingham
  • California
    •  El Cajon
    •  Sacramento
    •  San Diego
    •  Torrance
    •  Walnut Creek
  • Connecticut
    •  Fairfield
  • Florida
    •  Brandon
    •  Deland
    •  Ocala
    •  Orlando
    •  Tampa
    •  West Palm Beach
  • Georgia
    •  Columbus
  • Illinois
    •  Chicago
  • Indiana
    •  Evansville
  • Kansas
    •  Wichita
  • Kentucky
    •  Lexington
  • Massachusetts
    •  New Bedford
    •  North Dartmouth
  • Mississippi
    •  Jackson
  • Missouri
    •  Kansas City
  • Nevada
    •  Las Vegas
  • New York
    •  Brooklyn
    •  Cedarhurst
    •  Williamsville
  • North Carolina
    •  High Point
    •  Raleigh
    •  Winston Salem
  • North Dakota
    •  Fargo
  • Ohio
    •  Canton
    •  Cincinnati
  • Oklahoma
    •  Oklahoma City
  • Oregon
    •  Portland
    •  Salem
  • Pennsylvania
    •  Allentown
  • Rhode Island
    •  Warwick
  • South Dakota
    •  Dakota Dunes
  • Tennessee
    •  Chattanooga
  • Utah
    •  Salt Lake City
  • Virginia
    •  Charlottesville
  • Wisconsin
    •  Kenosha
*More cities coming soon.
Please check back weekly.
About This Study

About Medical Research

Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire:
To see if you may qualify for this medical research study,
please complete this Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire.

These questions are to be answered only by the person who would be participating in the medical research study if they qualify. If you are visiting this website for someone else, please provide this website link to them so that they may complete the questionnaire.

As used in these questions, "you" or "your" refers to the person who would be enrolled in the research study if he or she qualifies.

1. How did you hear about this medical research study?
2. Please enter your home or work zip code. This zip code will be used to locate a study center near you.
Please provide the zip code that would be most convenient for you. Enter 5-digit zip code.
Enter 5-digit zip code
3. How old are you?
in years
4. Have you taken or been treated with an investigational medication within the last 30 days as a part of another clinical study?
Yes   No   Unsure  
5. Has a doctor or other health care professional told you that you have fibromyalgia?
Yes   No   Unsure  
6. Are you currently taking any prescribed medication to treat fibromyalgia?
Yes   No   Unsure  
7. Have you been experiencing widespread pain on both the right and left sides of your body and above and below the waist, for the last 3 months?
Yes   No   Unsure  

By clicking you authorize us to proceed with the pre-screening process and to begin recording your answers. By clicking you also consent to the terms of the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. Your name and contact information will not be associated with your answers unless you provide this information after you complete the questionnaire.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy: If you pre-qualify for this medical research study, you will be given a choice to submit your contact information along with your answers to the preliminary questionnaire to a study center conducting this medical research study for further evaluation. If you make the choice to submit your contact information, your contact information will only be shared with those involved with the medical research study and will not be shared or provided to any other person or business not related to this particular medical research study. Except as noted above, your name and contact information will not be taken from you and your answers will remain confidential. We will not use your information for any purpose other than to screen you for potential participation in this medical research study. Your answers will be stored electronically, and for auditing purposes any identifying information that you provide to us will remain stored for up to seven years. If you provide your or a friend’s/family member’s email address, the email address will not be provided to anyone other than the person to whom the email was sent as specified in this website. The person in charge of privacy for this website is the Privacy Officer, who may be contacted at 6207 Bee Cave Road, Suite 288, Austin, Texas 78746 or to make any updates to your information or to have your information removed.

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